Interplanetary Shipyard

Hi, we're Shipyard.

We are the core maintainers of IPFS and libp2p, now working as an independent entity in the Protocol Labs network. Our mission is to build a more resilient and participatory Internet through decentralization.

We are excited to embark upon advancements to the Interplanetary Stack in service of web2 and web3 development teams.

Our Work

Shipyard maintains essential libraries, applications, networks and infrastructure
that support the IPFS and LibP2P ecosystems.

IPFS Implementations

Go and Javascript implementations including Kubo, Helia, IPFS Cluster and more.

LibP2P Implementations

Critical implementations of Libp2p like golibp2p, jslibp2p and rustlibp2p. Widely used and deployed across decentralized applications, including Ethereum V2.

Public IPFS Infrastructure

The ecosystem depends on and HTTP gateways, Amino DHT bootstrappers, IPFS public network monitoring, and more.

IPFS Roadmap

This is our proposed roadmap for IPFS. We are now looking for community support and funding for our roadmap. Please consider pledging an amount below. For larger amounts, please contact us directly.

This year, we are making IPFS easier to access and use across environments and contexts.

Making IPFS Easier to Access

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The new HTTP retrieval process for IPFS enhances accessibility by allowing users to fetch IPFS content using standard web protocols (HTTP). This makes it easier to access and integrate IPFS files through web browsers and existing web infrastructure, providing a seamless and familiar experience for users and developers alike, without needing specialized IPFS software.

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Decentralized Front Ends, powered by IPFS

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We’re building a decentralized front-end toolkit for IPFS that will dramatically improve the security and trust of web interactions through decentralized verification. By integrating robust service worker libraries, enhancing Ethereum Name Service (ENS) resolution capabilities, and extending data validation processes, we aim to create a more resilient, trustless, and user-empowered ecosystem.

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IPFS for Enterprises

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The IPFS for Enterprise initiative aims to harness the power of IPFS to deliver a robust, secure, and scalable solution tailored for private, enterprise environments. By focusing on multi-tenancy and authentication, this project will transform how enterprises manage distributed storage and content addressing, providing a seamless, cost-effective, and high-performance data solution.

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LibP2P Roadmap (Under Development)

The LibP2P roadmap is still under development. We are now looking for community input now. If you would like to shape the future of LibP2P, please contact us directly.

Work With Us

Are you building on IPFS and libp2p and want direct access to our team technical experts? Our partners receive direct access to our technical team to support your development, contract services, and more.

Protocol Patron

Great for startups and any projects that use IPFS or libp2p


What's Included:

  •   Shipyard Maintainers Channel
  •   Shipyard Sponsor

Network Node

Great for established projects with a dedicated dependency on IPFS and libp2p


What's Included:

  •   Custom Version & Uptime Report
  •   Access to Slack Connect
  •   Shipyard Maintainers Channel
  •   Shipyard Sponsor
  •   1-1 Engineering Office Hours

Premium Shipyard Supporter

For businesses and projects that depend on IPFS and libp2p and require regular "office hours" with our engineers




What's Included:

  •   Dedicated Engineering Time
  •   SLA (48-hour response time)
  •   Access to Slack Connect
  •   Shipyard Maintainers Channel
  •   Shipyard Sponsor
  •   1-1 Engineering Office Hours
  •   Custom Architecture Review

If you would like to work with us on a project for your application or network,
please contact us directly.

About Shipyard

Interplanetary Shipyard is an engineering collective that delivers user agency through technical advancements in IPFS and libp2p. As the core maintainers of open source projects in the Interplanetary Stack (including IPFS, libp2p, Kubo, Rainbow, Boxo, Helia), and supporting performance measurement tooling (Probelab), we are committed to open source innovation and building bridges between traditional web frameworks and the decentralized ecosystem. To achieve this, our engineers work alongside technical teams in web2 and web3 to promote adoption and drive practical applications.